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Are You Wondering if You Have an Opioid Addiction? Ask These Questions…

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Opioid addiction is a National epidemic. What may have started as a prescription for back pain, for some, quickly becomes a nightmare addiction to opioids. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you feel you may have a problem.

1. Are you constantly thinking about opioids—how much you have, when you can take your next dose and where you will get more?

2. Do you need to take more and more to achieve the same effect?

3. Have you sought opioids through other means—by switching to heroin, stealing, or using someone else’s medication—when you were unable to get a prescription?

4. Do you feel less interested in doing things you used to enjoy—such as socializing, hobbies, and engaging in family and community life?

5. Have you been experiencing problems with concentration, memory, and staying awake?

6. Have you been letting your personal hygiene go?

7. Have you been unsuccessful in your efforts to taper off or quit?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions you, your friend, spouse, child or loved one may have a problem. If the answer is “yes” to more than one question, it’s highly likely that a problem exists. If you are reading this page, it’s time to take action. Opioid addiction is a serious medical condition and help is available. Call us today and schedule a one-on-one assessment with a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Doctor in the comfort of a private medical practice.

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