First Visit

What to expect on first Visit to PPR

Welcome to our practice. When you first call to schedule an appointment our staff will be able to verify your insurance prior to your first visit to office.  on your first visit download the new patient paperwork and bring it into your first visit completed.  If you are unable to download please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete.

Reminder if you have an HMO plan it is your responsibility to make sure a referral has been completed by your PCP prior to being seen at our office.  If you need help in obtaining referral we will be happy to assist.  Please let office staffs know 72 hours prior to your appointment.

Please bring your driver’s license and insurance card to appointment.

Please bring any medical records you have so we can make a copy, and also any MRI or diagnostic testing results.

When you arrive at office

  1. Please check in at front desk and turn in completed paperwork, present driver’s license, and insurance information. And give front desk MA any medical records you have to be scanned into your chart.
  2. Co-payment is due at check in, and Front Desk MA will request at check in.
  3. Have a seat and one of our MA’s will call you back to take your vitals, Urine drug screen if applicable, and get your History prior to seeing your doctor.
  4. Your physician will be in to see after MA finishes with your vitals.

What happens after my appointment?

  • After you have seen the doctor he will go out of room to process your orders and prescriptions.
  • MA will come and get you out of room and review prescriptions/receipt with you, review orders with you, and print any education.
  • Orders for a procedure or EMG/NCV our MA will review the prep for procedure that is to be scheduled and give you written instructions as well.  Majority of the time a procedure outside the office at a surgery center or hospital will require per-authorization by your insurance.  In those cases our referral coordinator will call or email you to schedule the appointment once approval obtained.
  • Therapy orders will be given to the patient.  Please call therapy center of your choice to schedule an appointment same day or the following day.
  • Follow Up appointment made at check out.

We will work hard to make your experience with us positive!

Thanks for choosing Paragon Pain & Rehabilitation!