The Benefits of Suboxone and Counseling

There has been a breakthrough in opioid addiction treatment with the advent of medicinal support. Suboxone has become the gold standard in medicated assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Often seen as a miracle drug, Suboxone gives many people addicted to opioids the relief they need to find hope for recovery. The use of Suboxone in conjunction with therapy has several benefits.

Suboxone can offer physical relief from opiate withdrawal while a person is attempting to detox. The medication itself is an opioid derivative. It reacts in the body in the same way as other opioids but does not produce the desired high that drug users seek. Instead, it removes anxiety, depression, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms, allowing the body and mind to become more stable. It is from this calmer state of body and mind that a person can begin, with therapy, to break their dependence on opiates.

Suboxone, when used properly under the care of a trained physician, helps you manage the addiction while you work through the issues related to the opioid addiction. Suboxone is part of medicated assisted treatment, meaning that is used in conjunction with therapy. Suboxone isn’t meant to be used long-term, but rather as a medicinal support while one works through the underlying issues of addiction with a trained counselor. It is recommended to also seek out counseling in order to deal with the emotions and circumstances that led to their drug abuse in order to reduce the risk of relapse. Suboxone treatment may be tailored to different patient needs. Suboxone is long-acting and dosages may be tapered down. It may not need to be taken every day.

Paragon Pain and Rehabilitation offers complete diagnosis and treatment services for addiction, including medicated assisted treatment with Suboxone. We offer Suboxone treatment with Board Certified Addiction specialists via telemedicine and we accept most insurance plans. 


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